Monaco has five official “postal” districts (Monte-Carlo, Fontvieille, Condamine, Monaco Ville and Saint Roman) but in terms of real estate and actual different neighbourhoods, there are in reality nine distinctly differing areas to choose from.

General information below details these key areas and includes Icon Properties “real life” opinions on living in these areas. Remember, the information below is generalised to a certain dgree – individual apartments often bring their own unique benefits and nothing can beat a personal viewing.


The quintessential centre of Monaco, perfect for those wanting to be near the action containing the Casino, Hotel de Pairs, Cafe de Paris and main shopping arcade. “Le Metropole”.

Pros:     – Shopping, the casino and many great restaurants are on your doorstep.
– The beaches and its night life are within walking distance
– most buildings offer good views due to the elevation of this sector from the sea.

Cons:    – Tourists prevalent in summer
– Can be noisy
– Lack of play areas for children


This is one of the oldest sectors of Monaco and central to the main Monaco Harbour. The area contains both residential and commercial property although most buildings are older than the average. The Monaco Police station and “Place d”Armes food market are located in this area.

Pros:     – Condamine shopping and amenities are on your doorstep.
– Easy access to the Monaco Port and nightlife.

Cons:    – Older building stock.
– Limited parking
– Few apartments offer good views


Fontvielle is set on a piece of land that was reclaimed from the sea only a few decades ago. It is a highly residential area and Monaco’s main commercial shopping centre is here including the Carrefour supermarket. There are various parks, restaurants and museums in this district and easy access to the several ports and beaches making it perfect for families with children and pets looking to live in a confortable and quiet area with a real feeling of open space.

Pros:     – Very quiet, especially in the evenings – few tourists.
– Monaco’s main commercial centre and a great choice of restaurants.
– Contains some of Monaco’s highest standing buldings.

Cons:    – Potential daytime noise from Heliport for apartments located on the southern tip.


Another important residential area in Monaco, Jardin Exotique, is perched on the hills that lead to France. The area tends to be quiet, residential and offers great value for those families looking for more affordable space and comfort. Most buildings have sweeping views of Monaco, plunging onto the Rocher and Port. Whilst the Jardin Exotique area can feel a little more distant from the heart of the Principality,  regular transportation services link to the city centre in less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, a network of public elevators will give access to those areas at sea level within 10 minutes by foot.

Pros:     – Below average price per square metre.
– Most buildings offer good views due to the elevation of this sector from the sea.
– Outdoor space and parks for children.

Cons:    – A distance from the centre of town, nightlife and beaches.


A vibrant area with restaurants, cafés and night life along the beachfront, this district will appeal to those wanting to be close to the action and Carre d’Or. The buildings in the area are also very popular for their beautiful, un-interupted sea views.

Pros:     – The beaches and its restaurants / night life are on your doorstep.
– Most buildings offer wonderful sea views.
– Good parking.

Cons:    – Can be very noisy in summer


Perched up on the “Rocher” (rock), this is where the Monaco Palace is located. The area has a medieval charm to it, with narrow roads, quaint architercure and a quiet village atmosphere to it. High-rise development is not permitted in Monaco Ville, and properties tend to be old building or villas.

Pros:     – Traditional, village feel with beautiful old style buildings and architecture.
– The beaches and its night life are within walking distance
– most buildings offer good views due to the elevation of this sector from the sea.

Cons:    – Tourists prevalent in summer
– Limited parking
– Older building stock


Constructed in the middle of the 19th century by Prince Charles of Monaco, this area contains Monaco’s main European style shopping street. In terms of apartments, this area will attract those looking to be close to the Carre d’Or but in a less tourist dominated environment.

Pros:     – Shopping, the casino and many great restaurants are on your doorstep.
– The beaches and its night life are within walking distance
– On the doorstep of Beausoleil (france) it’s good value fresh food market.

Cons:    – Can be noisy


Monaco’s main “Port Hercule” offers some great Apartments overlooking one of the most famous Harbours in the world. The Monaco Grand Prix circuit also has it’s start / fish line and Pits located along the main Harbour road (Ave Albert 1er). The Port is also the centre for Monaco’s busy events programme including the Christmas fair and International Showjumping.

The area contains many restaurants, bars and shops and a perfect blend of residential living and entertainment.

Pros:     – Shopping, amenities and nightlife on your doorstep.
– Mainly properties have stunning Port views and direct viewing of the Monaco GP.
– Location of the famous Monaco public swimming pool.

Cons:    – Can be noisy during events


On the east side of Monaco, the Saint Roman district is a self contained residential area bordering France. The buildings in this area tend to be comfortable, spacious and more modern with great views over the beaches and the sea. Public transportation will bring you to the heart of Monaco in 10 minutes and the other side of the Principality in less than 20 minutes.

Pros:    – Monte Carlo Country Club on your doorstep.
– Larvotto beach within walking distance.
– Quiet with access to sea front walks in France.

Cons:    – A distance form the centre of town