Жизнь в Монако

There are many positive reasons to live in Monaco, from its priviliged location in the Mediterrenean to its wonderful outdoor lifestyle:

With the highest per-capita concentration of Police and CCTV in the world, the physical safety of Monaco for individuals and their possessions is second to none.
Street crime is also extremely rare, paparazzi are outlawed and other forms of crime are virtually non-existant.

Many Monaco Residents have chosen the Principality for this freedom and safety the country provides.

Whilst Monaco does not have an airport of its own, Nice airport is only a 25 minute drive (or 7 minute helicopter ride) away. This international airport is the second busiest in France serving 104 destinations in 35 countries with direct daily flights to global hubs such as Paris, London, Geneva,, Zurich and New York.

Monaco’s train station also gives access to all of France’s rail network and is a gateway to Italy.

With a temperate Mediterainan climate and over 300 days of sunshine per year, Monaco’s weather helps facilitate a vibrant ‘outdoor’ lifestyle.

In spite of being a very small country, Monaco offers world class dining, social, cultural and sports scenes. From Michelin starred restaurants, iconic concerts halls and museums to the Monaco Masters Tennis and  Formula 1 Grand Prix — Monaco has something for everyone.

Being at the heart of the Riviera, Monaco also offers easy access to sailing, beaches, and other water sports and the surrounding mountains offer world class hiking, hunting, cycling and skiing. Additionally, the most scenic and famous sites in both France and Italy are less than half a days drive away.

On an after-tax basis, the cost of living in Monaco is below that of New York, London and Geneva.

Monaco enjoys a realiable and modern infrastructure — state of the art «clean energy» public transport, a network of car parking venues and roads that are cleaned every day.

The average daily commute for Residents also working in Monaco is under ten minutes.

Monaco has both Public and Privately run nurseries and schools for children between 3 to 18. Click here to see thorough list of establishments in Monaco. There is also the International School of Monaco which will provide an option for those looking for a more international environment. These establishments offer a top class education as evidenced by the very high grades achieved by recent graduates from both systems,

Monaco also boasts the International University of Monaco, focused on business education from bachelors degrees to PhDs.

The surrounding French and Italian regions also contain a multitude of International school and University options such as the International School in Nice.

The Monaco healthcare system is linked to the French system which has recently been sighted as the top healthcare system in the world. Monaco’s Princess Grace hospital and Institute of Sport Medicine and Surgery also ensures Residents are never more than 1.5km from emergency help.

Prince Albert II remains a very vocal International force in relation to global sustainable development.  Monaco is spearheading efforts to create a sustainable energy society that will not only offer the best to its citizens but also to the planet, one example is the fact the Principality has the world’s first entirely electric Postal Service delivery fleet.